For the Defi Wind Caribbean you can register as a kitesurfer to join the action.
Here we made 4 categories devided in men, women and age. There will be a maximum participants for this group of 50.
For this event we expect you to be experienced enough to handle yourself with good kite and board control in open water. Offcourse we will have boats watching and helping if necessary.
This events for the kiters is a speed challenge so it’s not necessary to to execute tricks.

If you went to rent surf gear check here!

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Whats included on registration?

For the amount of $175 (registration after 1st April $225), you will get the following deal:

  • Start entrance for 4 races and a playday at the lagoon
  • A participants shirt from the Defi Wind Carribean
  • First dinner for free on startday
  • Entrance to the parties
  • Your profile on our website

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Kitesurfing(max 50)

Men | 13 – 18 | 19 and + |
Women | 14-18 | 19 and + |


Will be announced later this month